The biggest manufacturer of Pottery

 The biggest manufacturer of Pottery and Embellished in Iran and Exporter worldwide.

We are ready to sell all of our products in 5 languages and Accept all orders in different designs of Pottery & Pottery panels.

In order to get customers satisfaction we send all photos during production process so if customers need change it can be edited before cooking step.

We are totally independent, No business broker , and self-sufficient in a mud which is used in producing.

Negin sofal no agent in iran

Negin Sofal has no agent in Iran and while purchasing kindly be careful about our logo on products.

Negin Sofal has a certificate of registration with number of 244546 from Iran s Registration Authority.


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Contact Negin sofal

   Manager:  Mr Hossein Ghanad 

    009831-34411798/ 0098-9133010293




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In order to get total satisfaction of customers , by having online system, we send  them photos  of production process from 0-100 so if they want to change something it’s easy to do and no need to be worried about distance.

In our telegram channel you can see a part of  our orders from different customers


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Embossed Pottery, Cubism Pattern:

سفال نقش برجسته -2

Embossed Pottery

Embossed Pottery - Ghazal Design

سفال نقش برجسته

Embossed Pottery

Embellished pottery, horse plan

سفال نقش برجسته


نقش برجسته سفالی

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