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– Maroon petrochemical company restaurant

Negin Sofal began working on this project with pottery relief panel and pottery panel in staff dining hall and VIP dining hall at 2012. Staff dining hall design are:

repeated shapes, shape puzzle around columns 2- drawings of four seasons behind the bench lunch 3- ship Design and sea 4- drawing deer and the forest. and VIP dining hall design are: 1 – phoenix 2- Persepolis

D- pottery relief gallery – Maroon petrochemical company restaurant

Orders and execute clay reliefs, paintings, pottery, earthenware reliefs in size and different designs are handmade

This workshop production of complete production cycle of self-sustaining supplies and soil, as well as images of icons at the bottom of workshop

Just moments to order and they are sent in every part of the world they are in the process of job performance.

 All products Teenagers pottery has a 3 year warranty and 10 years of service after the sale.

The art group currently does not have any branch or representative and provide the work place is no intermediary.

Orders and support (24 hours): 0098-3134411798


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