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Esfahan the city of Reality and Legends (part one)

Naqsh-e Jahan square

what great people say about Esfahan:

Mr. Mohammad Mehryar:

one should not compare the Esfahan of the Safavid era with that of today. even as a child, looking down the Soffeh Mountain some 70 years ago, the city i saw was a city full of trees with plenty of gardens and wide streets full of plane trees. there was not a single house in those days that did not have a pool or flower beds, nowadays that splendor is gone. but imagine a city full of trees and greenery and a beautiful river running through it with sparkling, clean and limpid water, what could be more beautiful than that?

Esfahan, khaju Bridge

Dr. Elahi Qomshei:

Esfahan is probably our most important city where one can sense the fragrance of the authentic Iranian art and architecture as well as the talent in town planning, and the purity of Iranian wisdom which is reflected in all those monuments. that beauty and rythm reaches its crescendo in the Meydan-e naqsh-e Jahan where it seems as if a beautiful soothing symphony is being played. in Esfahan one feels better, feels more comfortable, even feels he has become a better person. because the feeling of beauty leads one to the goodness.

Naqsh-e jahan square

Professor Eugenio Galdiery:

Esfahan is really an incredible place, one of those cities where reality and legend, splendor and simplicity, architecture and natural environment come together in a constantly changing synthesis. its history, today a millenarian one, can be perceived in every corner of the city, even in places where the great boulevards and modern buildings are trying to take over. nevertheless, Esfahan has a magic, a unique charm and exceptional continuity which enables everyone to discover the glory of Persia’s past in this incredible city.

Chehel sotun garden-esfahan

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