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Translation of the Cylinder Ineription of the Cyrus the Cyrus the Great

Translation of the Cylinder Ineription of the Cyrus the Cyrus the Great

1-[when {Mar} duk, king of the whole of heaven and earth, the who, in his, lays waste his}] who in his, lays waste his

2-broad in intelligence who inspects re gions of the world

3-a highly low status was installed to the high office of priesthood of his land.

4-he imposed upon them grain tax and cat tle tribute

5-a replica of the temple Esagila bes ide it, he i.e., Nabu-naid built for the city of Ur and the other sacred cities

6-rites unsuited to them, a taklimu (unholy)offering not sanctioned by rites with no fear daily he spoke blasphemously and irreverently.

7-He discontinued regular offerings. he imposed evil acts in the sacred cities. He banned honoring Marduk, king of the gods of his heart.

8-He constantly did what was evil to his. (i.e.,Marduk) its people, with a yoke, with no relief, he ruined them all.

9-At their complaints, Enlil of the gods (i.e.,Marduk) raged furiously, sacred cities were made into ruints, their territories became forgotte, gods who were living among them, left their temples.

10-Despite his (i.e.,Marduk’s) anger, he (Nabu-na id) made them (i.e., statues of the goddds) to be brought to Babylon. Marduk, the supreme, Enlil of the gods turned towards all inhabitants whose dwellings had fallen into ruins,

Poterie , plan d'Achaemenes

Poterie , plan d’Achaemenes

11-and to the people of Sumer and Akkad, who had become like corpses. Heurned (his mind and) had mercy upon them all. He (i.e., Marduk) examined (and) inspected all lands, all of them and.

12-sough for a just ruler of his wish. He took Cyrus, king of Anshan, by his hand. He called his name. He made him to rule over the entire world.

13-He forced the land of Gutium (i.e,north)(and)all the Ummanmada (i.e.,Medes) to bow in submission to his feet.The black headed people, whom he (i.e., Marduk) had to be conquered by his hands (and)

14-he (i.e., Cyrus) shepherded them them in a just and correct way. Marduk, the great lord, who nurtures his people, joyfully looked upon his good deeds and just heart.

15-(Therefore), he ordered him to march towards Babylon, his city. He (i.e., Marduk) made him (i.e., Cyrus) to take the road to Babylon (and) walked at his side like a friend and companion.

16-His vast troops, whose numbers, like the water of a river, could not be counted, fully armed, marched his side.

17-He (i.e., Marduk) made him enter Babylon, his city, without a battle and fight. He (i.e.,Marduk) saved it (i.e.,the city) from hardship. He delivered Nabu-na id, the king (who) did not worship him (i.e.,Marduk) into his(i.e.,Cyrus’) hands.

18-People of Babylon, all of them, all (people of the) lands of Sumer and Akkad, (all) rulers and governors knelt before him (i.e., Cyrus) and kissed his feet and rejoiced at his kingship. Their faces brightened.

19-The lord (i.e.,Marduk) who by his aegis, all the dead (or:dead gods) were brought back to life, he saved them all (or : all gods) from distress and trouble. They (i.e.,all the dead or dead gods?) gladly blessed him and extolled his (i.e., cyrus’) name.

20-I, Cyrus, king of the world, great king, mighty king, of Babylon, king of the lands of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four quarters of world

21-Son of Cambyses, great king, king of Anshan, offspring of Teispes, great king, king of Anshan

22-A long-lasting royal lineage, whose kingship Bel (i.e.,Marduk) and Nabu love, whose kingship they desire to please their hearts.

when I entered Babylon, peacefully,

23-in joy and exultation I took up residence in the royal palas, the lordly abode, Marduk, the great lord, whose desire (?) (is) loving (?) Babylon, established for me great magnanimity (or :  Marduk, the great Lord [induced] the magnanimous inhabitants of Babylon [to love me]), and daily I sought his worshiping.

Accepté votre soulagement commandes de la poterie, de l'argile en relief, relief en céramique

Accepté votre soulagement commandes de la poterie, de l’argile en relief, relief en céramique

24-My numerous army marched peacefully into Babylon. I did not allow (anyone) to molest (people in the) whole land of Sumer and Akkad.

25-I strove for peace for the city of Babylon and all its (other) sacred places. The sons (i.e., inhabitants) of Babylon, who against the wish of the gods were subjected to (?) a yoke which was inappropriate for them,

26-I relieved their weariness, I released them of their compulsory (?) servis. Of my good deeds, Marduk, the great lord rejoiced and

27-upon me, Cyrus, the king, his reverent and (upon) Cambyses, my own son and upon all of my army,

28-graciously he (i.e.,Marduk) blessed and we lived properly in well-being in his presence.

[By his command], all of thefirst ranking kings, installed on daises.

29-of all the world, from the Upper Sea (i.e., Mediterranean Sea) to the Lower Sea (i.e.,Persian Gulf), [far distant] dwellers, kings the Amorite land (i.e., West [of Euphrates]) , who dwell in tents, all of them.

30-brought me their heavy tribute into Babylon, kissed my feed. from [the cities of Ninev] eh,  Ashur and Susa,

31-Agade, the land of Eshnunna, (the cities of) Zamban, Me-Turnu, Der up to the border of the land of the Gutians (i.e.,north), the towns on the other side of the Tigris (river), that their dwelling places had been abandoned long time ago.

32-I returned (the statused of the) gods who lived in them (i.e., shrines) and made them take up (their) eternal residence. I gathered all of their (former) people and returned (them) to their homelands,

33-and (in addition) by the command of Marduk, the great lord, (all of the) gods of Sumer and Akkad, whom Nabu-naid against the anger of the lord of the gods (i.e.,Marduk) had brought toBabylon, in security.

34-in their abodes, the dwelling place (s) that make them happy, I made them to dwell. all the gods, whom I have brought to their sacred places,

35-may in the resence of Bel (i.e., Marduk) and Nabu request daily lomg lasting days for me (and) may they always intercede with good words for me and to Marduk, my lord, may they say that to Cyrus, your reverent king and Cambyses, his son,

36-have confidence, indeed they are providers of {our shrines until distant (?) days (?) with no  ‘interruption. All’ people of Babylon praised the kingship. I settled lands, all of them in secure places.

pottery , pottery Relief ,Interior Decoration

pottery , pottery Relief ,Interior Decoration

37-goose, 2 ducks (and) 10 turtledoves over (the pervious) offerings) of geese, ducks and turtledoves.

38-I provided lavishly Imgur-Enlil, the great wall of Babylon, its [def] ense (wall), I strove (its) strengthening

39-The baked brichs of the quay, of the fortificationn side (?), that a previous king had [built and had not com] pleted its construction.

40-[had not encircled the city] on  the outside, (even though) that the former king (s) (had) corvee workers [of his land in] Babylon,

41-[with bitumen] and baked bricks, I built anew and [completed] their [constructions.]

42-[I set their wide gates in place, … (high) cedar door] s covered with bronze, thresholds and door piv [ots of copper in all] their [doors]

43-[I set an inscrip] tionn (with the) name of Assur-bani-apli, a king (who) goes before me [within it, I sa] w.

44-{his… Marduk, the great lord creator? of}.

45-{my [I presented] as agift ] your pleasure} [fore] ever.

{[written and} compared [in accordance with the tablet of..], (this is) tablet of Qisti -Marduk, son of}

pottery , ceramic Relief , Interior Decoration

pottery , ceramic Relief , Interior Decoration


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