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Negin sofal Isfahan in the heart of the Isfahan city beats- the first

Negin sofal Isfahan in the heart of the Isfahan city beats- the first

Foreword by Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr,
George Washington University :
Not only is Isfahan Located at the geographical heart of today’s Iran, but it has also been over the centuries a major center of intellectual life, of religious activities, of the arts and architecture, of economic active-ity and, during many periods, of political power in the Persian world. It has produced some of the greatest thinkers, scholars and artists of this land from Abu Nu’aym Isfahani and Ibn Turkah Isfahani to Aqa Rida’Abbasi. It has been a place where some of the greatest Islamic philosophers and sages from Ibn Muskuyah, Ibn Sina and Suhrawardi to Mir Damad, Mulla Sadra, Mulla ‘Ali Nuri and Aqa Muhamad Rida Qumsha’I have visited, studided or taught. It is where the most important later school of Islamic philosophy, the School of Isfahan, that has influenced nearly all later Islamic philosophy in Persia, Iraq and India , was established.

(Pottery relief, inscription pottery, clay pottery leading , reliefs)

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صفحه اصلی

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