The largest producer of embossed pottery in Iran and exporter to all over the world

We offer our products in five languages of the world in Isfahan.


Accept orders and execution of embossed pottery, pottery, embossed pottery, pottery in different sizes and designs, handmade, in order to satisfy customer’s customers, the pictures of the signs are sent to the customer during the work, and before the cooking stage it is possible to edit . The plant is self-sufficient in the production of its own soil and carries out all stages of the production of embossed pottery without any intermediary.


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Negin Pottery has no representation inside the country


Also, the Negin of the pottery of Esfahan has not had any representation inside Iran in order to preserve the quality and price of its products, embossed pottery, pottery, pottery, and insignia, and because of the misuse of some competing companies from the name of the jewel of the pottery during the purchase of outstanding pottery products Note the name and logo of the Neginsofal.

The jewelry shop of Isfahan has a trademark registration certificate (BRAND) to number 244546 from the State Registration and Land Registry Organization, the Industrial Property Registration Office and the registration of trademarks.


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  Managing Director: Hossein Ghonad Engineer

    009831-34411798/ 0098-9133010293



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Embossed Pottery, Cubism Pattern:

سفال نقش برجسته -2

Embossed Pottery - Ghazal Design

سفال نقش برجسته


Embellished pottery, horse plan

سفال نقش برجسته


نقش برجسته سفالی


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