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The Barcode scanner program

description: BRaps or QR Code is a two dimensional works based matrix (zeros and ones) by type of utility that is created for easy decoding of contents very quickly. These codes have the square shape and the information is registered with the Black square format (module) and are created on a standard (ISO / IEC 18004: 2006), and may contain web addresses, text messages, personal information, phone number, price, description of a product or anything else, and which are simultaneously usable.

Crecord information QR code via mobile D– for code scanning, your tablet or mobile phone must have necessary applications, such as: 1 Good quality camera 2- software to read the code

And in some models of mobile phones there is already a kind of application that allows you to read this code. some of these phones like the BlackBerry and those with the Android operating system already exists an application to read barcodes.

also the iPhone and iPod have the possibility to download these applications.

Fcell of the older generation like Nokia working with the Symbian system also have the chance to read QR-Code. Even the NFC Technology to Make a simple tap for Barcode Scanning. Mbarcode that works with the system Moiimo has this availability. the phones that work with Java can use the free program like : KaywaReader.

G- to receive applications and software for your mobile click here.

H- R- attention (quick response codes have the ability to contain a lot of information)

Chart 1- reading of the information, however, depends on the type of cell and the processing capacity of their system and this may happen that for the lots of information of the mobile phone is not able to read them.

I-to receive full information you have to give attention: 1processing power, operating system, quality lens camera phone 2image quality and complexity of the information 3corner (proximity, afar) photograph (scan) code 4barcode created in a standard way. Then an error code may have ticketingdifferent reasons.

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