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Gallery 4: broken tiles, mosaic technique

This factory is totally self-sufficient and independent in all steps of producing Pottery, Embellished , Pottery and inscription. Opposite to other competitors we get the mud (soil)directly from queries and combine based on special formula and then change to powder with koncasore and finally its used in manufacturing process. That’s why our prices are more competitive than others .Also the good quality of our soil makes our job perfect Furthermore there is no limit in supplying the needed soil for big orders.

Customers Requirement

In order to get total satisfaction of customers , by having online system, we send  them photos  of production process from 0-100 so if they want to change something it’s easy to do and no need to be worried about distance.

In our telegram channel you can see a part of  our orders from different customers.

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Cellphone: +98-9133010293

Telegram: telegram.me/sofalnegin

Email: Info@sofalnegin.ir