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Negin sofal Isfahan in the heart of the Isfahan city beats- the Second

Negin sofal  Isfahan  in the heart of the Isfahan  city beats- the Second

Pottery reliefs setting in the heart of the Isfahan city beats-Part 2.

Foreword by Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr,
George Washington University :


This remarkable city has produced a galaxy of great poets, musicians, painters and architects. From its ateliers have come some of the finest miniatures ever painted, and some of the most delicate carpets ever woven, works that are among peaks of world art in their own genre. It has produced numerous masterpieces of architecture including mosques, madrasahs, palaces, bazaars and baths not to speak of remarkable bridges. It has also created masterpieces of landscape architecture, piazzas, gardens and city planning that remain among the wonders of the world. The Jami’ Mosque of Isfahan is not only one of the masterpieces of Islamic and in fact world architecture, but also an ensemble that reflects the history of Persian architecture from the Buyid through the Safavid periods. It was also here in Isfahan that the art of adorning buildings with file reached its perfection and created a model for tiled architecture in many lands near and far away from Karbala’, Najaf, Heart and Lahore Samarqand much of whose remarkable monuments were built by Isfahani architects and tile makers.

The establishment of Isfahan as the capital of the Safavid Empire is of special significance for the history of this city. Safavid Isfahan, built mostly by Shah ‘Abbas, became one the most artistically and architecturally dazzling cities of the world. It became a city from which the finest textiles, carpets, tiles, calligraphy, miniatures and many other froms of art reached the rest of Persia and the world beyod its borders from Europe to India, a city whose own architecture and city planning soon gained global fame. It was also here in Isfahan where many Armenian Christians were settled by Shah ‘Abbas and where the followers of all three Abrahamic faiths, that is Christians, Jews, who belonged to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, and Muslims lived together peacefully and to a large extent in accord. This fact is particularly significant in light of the fact that it was from Isfahan as a center that Islam began to spread throughout the Iranian Platteau.


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